LOW PROFILE is a Hip Hop band that provides Drums, Bass & Keys accompanied by various instrumentation (guitars, horns, vocalists) supporting a variety of Artists & MCs. Low Profile interrupts their studio tracks to create arrangements for live performances. Drums: Stevie Kings, Bass: Dan Victor, Keys: B-Sauce

LOW PROFILE Hip-Hop promotes a number of the artists we work with. We showcase a curated selection of music we believe is their very best. We also focus on booking live performances to bring together an audience craving a unique experience. Low Profile produces events, studio sessions, live streaming, #freethebeat, audio / video production, compilations, all cataloged on Blog Beats .

[videos above from top: (1) Low Profile performs Live with Paco the Gtrain Bandit at Pianos & (2) supports Brooklyn Wildlife on Live TV @ BRIC | B-Side ]