#DVSpeak #5: On Set with Ben

#DVSpeak #5: On Set with Ben

Spent time on set with Ben helping with this movie Brent and him are a part of. I assisted him with filming, gave some opinions on lighting, stood on some chairs and got really drunk. Mixed in some footage I found from this fall of Brent & Que Cee in Basement Bar. Must have been October/November.



DVSpeak #4: Stanhope Sessions

#DVSpeak #4: Stanhope Sessions

We had a little practice jam session at the Stanhope spot, we kindly refer to as “the closet”. It was Matt, Stevie and myself on Thursday night and we had Brent over there on Sunday. That closet got us feeling nice, pushing out some great vibes and new ideas. A quick sample…

Matt & Steve Roof

Stevie & Matt on NY Eve on a rooftop right off the Highline