DVSpeak #3: Preshow Pregame

#DVSpeak #3: Preshow Pregame

Dan Victor Speaks #3 “Preshow / Pregame” Getting ready before the show at Secret Loft. We had almost everyone ready. We were hanging with Deascent, Matt, Tori, Gabe, Brent & myself. Discussing the attire for the night’s festivities at Brooklyn Wildlife event “Fishnets & Ice cream” Party. It was a pants-off party.
Whadafunk Coldpress


DVSpeak #1: Going to Walgreens for Brent Butler

#DVSpeak #1: Going to Walgreens for Brent

The show at Gallery Bar required some ‘supplies’ for Brent Butler, including Halls lemon honey drops and black liquid eye liner. The Halls were lozenges for his sore throat, probably from talking so much. And the eyeliner was for this David Bowie tribute because Bowie just passed away (God rest his soul) earlier this week. Brent put a large black lightning bolt on his face. I got yelled at because I got the wrong color, brown. And Halls were 2 for 1. I just got one bag. But who needs more 1 one bag of throat lozenges? Who? Brent Bauer Butler. Then BBxD played the show at Gallery Bar, located in Bushwick on Broadway, across from Lone Wolf.

before fishnets and ice cream party at secret loft

before fishnets and ice cream party at secret loft