DVSpeak #3: Preshow Pregame

#DVSpeak #3: Preshow Pregame

Dan Victor Speaks #3 “Preshow / Pregame” Getting ready before the show at Secret Loft. We had almost everyone ready. We were hanging with Deascent, Matt, Tori, Gabe, Brent & myself. Discussing the attire for the night’s festivities at Brooklyn Wildlife event “Fishnets & Ice cream” Party. It was a pants-off party.
Whadafunk Coldpress

DVSpeak #2: Force me to watch Soundcloud

#DVSpeak #2: Force me to watch Soundcloud

Becoming hip isn’t easy, lucky I got Brent Butler & Deascent, of The Cold Press, to keep my life interesting. Headlining at a Secret Loft Party for Chris Carr’s birthday. Fishnets & Ice cream Party It was exactly how it sounds.

Deacent Girl Bowie

Deascent & Brent Butler at Secret Loft