New Crimdella: Bury Me in Gold

Crimdella is an old soul, brought back to the future to seek his vengeance.
He’s here to pioneer a movement of honesty, ferocity, fraternity, and monumental truth. Listen to Crimdella! There will be blood.

Bury Me In Gold vol. 1 finds a supremely confident Crimdella delving deeper into a fresh take on hip-hop he has coined #trap-power. For Bury Me In Gold vol. 1, Crimdella, aka #BlackZeusX, partnered exclusively with upstart producer MNDCFT, who takes the ambitious, unhinged rhythms of trap music, marrying them with uncanny melodies. Crimdella fuses these compositions into socially observant, blisteringly personal raps, seasoned with visionary songwriting. Bury Me In Gold vol. 1 is the Harlem emcee’s definitive manifesto.


The #BlackGodPantheon is a collective of New York based, genre-spanning, multidisciplinary artists who are connected by musicality, aesthetic and vision devoted to uplifting Black lives. Their primary method is showing up and throwing down.


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